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10+ Great Money Making Opportunities!


1. Meet Women!

Go to Restaurants, Night Clubs, Gyms, Shopping Malls, College Campuses, Sporting Events...  Every attractive woman is a potential model waiting to be discovered, and a potential money making asset for you!


2. Build Your Business!

This is like a franchise where you are building your own Talent Agency while acting as a sub agent for Exotics. Over the years, you will develop dozens of Industry contacts, sign up other Talent Scouts, and hundreds of Models, and Entertainers who will all be part of your business assets, giving it real financial value that is willable and sellable.


3. Sell Your Business!

Stock Market Investors, Real Estate Investors, and Business Owners all have Exit Strategies. Meaning one day when their investment reaches a certain level they will sell it and be rewarded for their years of work. When your time comes, you will have a "Book of Business"  that will be worth a lot of money.

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This Business Opportunity Requires That You Be Over Age 18.
Exotics Talent Scouting is like having your own franchised talent or modeling agency. You meet beautiful and sexy women who can be or already work as models, strippers, and escorts, and then promote them on the Exotics network of websites. You can grow your business by recruiting other talent scouts and teaching them to do the same, all the while making money through the first and most interesting Multi Level Marketing Compensation program to ever hit in the adult entertainment industry. This is an easy work from home kind of business. All you need is a phone and a computer and the desire to go out and meet the kind of sexy women you've been dying to meet but were always waiting for the right thing to say. Start by being a talent scout and see what amazing happenings come your way. Come in, look around and see all the money making opportunities there are, and I'm sure you'll be the envy of all oyur friends with all the fun benefits you'll discover from being an Exotics Talent Scout.



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